Dice Bag Games

Dice Bag Game needed a tool to help stock their store with thousands of Magic the Gathering cards. Using PHP we built a tool that enables them that enables them to poll the Scryfall and automatically add cards into their Shopify store as fast as the Shopify API would allow them to be entered.

An example of Dice Bag Game's product in their online store

A screenshot of the tool doing its job

What we built

Dice Bag Games needed their tool to:

  • Call a 3rd party API and stock their store with Magic the Gathering card data
  • Be able to modify the incoming data to adjust the prices
  • Report on errors during data transfer
  • Automatically update existing stock with new prices
  • Automatically run outside of the store's operating hours

The tool itself isn't much to look at, but it got the job done and allowed them to modify the API data and schedule an auto-update time. All that's left for Dice Bag Games to do is add their inventory numbers.